…this is where it all started…

Obviously I decided to keep the little boats afloat in different ports…maiden voyage began here.
There will be no updates, only good memories of better times and good shipmates.

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I have this and one other blog–two different editions of Happenstance–and I’ve got to make a decision.
Either I have to find the motivation to keep writing blogs, or to bite the bullet and let them both go.
I’m too tired to think straight at the moment; gonna sleep on it for awhile.
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Back in the saddle again

It’s been awhile since I posted to this Space;
I’m not sure what I’ll do here.
Let’s see what happens…
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To my family-by-choice…

I am blessed to have shared
a part of the life of my family-by-choice,
I have been allowed to share in a goodbye–
one I did not have with my own mom–
which I now offer to Nancy’s mom
upon her return home to heaven;
I offer my deepest sympathy for your loss, Nancy
and celebrate the new life
into which your mom has entered,
awaiting the joy of the reunion
one happy day…
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he’s my dad…



he was silly

was my hero

and was taller than a pine


he was there

and always ready

and he made a bad day fine


he was smart

and always clever

and an angel by design


he was strong

and so resourceful

and my only valentine


he was Dad

and i adored him

and i’m thankful he was mine



although my dad is gone, i think about him often and dedicate this little poem to his memory and to all the dads "out there" who may read this.


i love you, dad…

i miss you…



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for now… © margaret griswold-scheiding

for now
the wind is still
stars shine above 
their patient light
comforts me
and moonlight on snow
overwhelms the darkness
for now
old hopes
are unvanquished
by harsh reality
 worry falls away
fear melts
dreams draw near
 for now
all is quiet
i am warm
and safe
and loved
it’s enough
and i smile
for now
i whisper thank you
for the respite
of this moment
close my eyes
sigh mightily
and i sleep
I wish you a peaceful Christmas, Gentlespacers…
be comforted,
fear not,
and know that you are loved… 
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At Christmastime…

sometimes miracles happen
some great, some small
many never seen…
sometimes a troubled world
arrives at a moment of reflection
and asks the question:
"do miracles still happen?"
many hopeful hearts
still answer:
I wish you a peaceful, loving Christmas, Gentlespacers,
and a lifetime filled with the possibility of miracles…
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